Santa Ynez River Flow


20×24″ oil on linen– It is so good to see the Santa Ynez River flowing again and knowing the thousands of gallons of sweet water that flowed past me as I painted this are on their way to Lake Cachuma.  I really hope people use the drought as a learning experience and keep conserving water even though the storms have been good to us.   This was made just before the first crossing on Paradise Road, which is completely washed out at the moment..

Devereux Slough


16×20″ oil on canvas– Nice moody clouds kept washing over the mountains looking north from Coal Oil Point.  I need to go back with a bigger canvas because I really wanted to squeeze in the full 360 degrees.  I could paint here every day and it would always be new…

El Capitan Cove


18×24″ Oil on Canvas– I loved the gold glare from the low winter sun illuminating the cove just south of El Capitan State Beach.  I have been painting in oils for the first time in a while and am starting to enjoy them… I’m not always patient for the slow drying time, but I have a lot more control over the color than I do with my acrylics.  (They dry differently than they look when they are wet.)

Driftwood Beach Shack


48″x36″– Acrylic on Canvas– I love beach shack architecture… this one was beautifully made with driftwood, palm fronds and the timbers from the old wave-eaten sea wall.  It is nicely decorated with a sandstone coffee table, a redwood log sofa that delivered itself on tides from Northern California and breathtaking views..  Shelter for any sea-loving soul who follows the trail down from the cliffs.  Free, wild, natural, public real estate: the very best kind– location, location. location…

Sweet Gloom

Gloom--Gleason - 1

12×24″ acrylic–  I have been enjoying the June Gloom– In this part of California we live in a cloud for much of the month.   Although it’s not the sunny and bright start to summer one imagines,  it keeps things moist, cool and mysterious this season and these dune flowers get to bloom for a bit longer.

Backpacking in the Chumash Wilderness pt. 2

I ran out of panels at the end of the trip and had to improvise… I think maybe beer box cardboard is the canvas of the future.  I was honored to paint near the canvas of the past… stone walls where Chumash artists painted maps with dolphins and bears long ago.   ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 5 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 6 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 2