Art Opening Postponed

I just want to make sure anyone who was hoping to go to the art opening tomorrow at the Santa Barbar Botanic Gardens knows that we’ve postponed it until January.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


Sunrise from Eling’s Park

9×12 Oil on Canvas Panel–  This was painted a few weeks ago, when the atmosphere was moisture and not smoke.  I am hoping the best for all the people and animals displaced by the fires.  Severe weather events, whether floods, winds or fires, bring up all kinds of thoughts about nature, balance, resiliency, impermanence, community, climate change and regenerative design.

Dawn on the Bluffs


Oil on Canvas— 16×24”— I was really honored to be invited to be a new member of the Oak Group last week.  I have great admiration for the artists in this group— not only for the awesome art made by the members, but also for their environmental agenda of using their art to raise awareness and funding to protect wild spaces.  I really look forward to showing with them in the future.

The Farmer’s Market

14×18″ oil on canvas– There is so much positive energy and sensory stimulation a the farmer’s market.  I couldn’t have found a better place to post up, across from the flower vendor which let me use all my colors and next to Salvador, an amazing classical guitarist. It’s fun to work on instinct and just respond to the colors, shapes and light busily passing by…

I keep a running blog of all my recent paintings.  The best way to see them all is to scroll down through this page.  All art is for sale and for information on purchasing paintings, please visit my contact page.