Last Paintings before my Art Show

Mission Rose Garden- 9×12″ oil on linen panel

I’m getting ready for my Open Studio Art Show this weekend and hoping to see you there. Anyone is welcome… bring your friends and family!

It is at 1128 Via Regina from 11-5 on Saturday and Sunday and 11-1 on Monday. I will have cold lemonade and we live in a relatively breezy, shady area. Art will be priced to sell. If you take home a painting this year I will take 25% off a second painting of equal or lesser value.

I hope to see you there!

Misty Morning Paintouts

Fog Burnoff– Goleta Slough 14×18″

Just one week until my big Open Studio Art Sale. On Labor Day Weekend, September 3-5 come by as my guest at 1128 Via Regina from 11-5 Saturday or Sunday!

I’ve been out painting on some of those misty mornings we’ve been having. It is fun to play with the subtlety of the greys and to try to catch that mysterious light.

Misty Beach Walk– 9×12– oil on linen

Alpine Symmetry

24×36″ oil on canvas– (available)

I saw several gems of lakes like this one backpacking this summer. There is no actual trail going here, but there are alpine creek drainages to follow or talus field passes that take you off of the most common routes and let you experience hiking in a different way. In some ways, there is more energy in way finding and more mindfulness of steps that aren’t graded and switchbacked for stock travel… and for this you get the reward of recognizing how many little secret meadows, glens, lakes, tarns, granite art forms and other surprises are tucked into the rocky arms of the Sierra Nevada. This little lake sits on the eastern flank of Seven Gables which you can see beginning to rise on the right side of the canvas.

Washington Backpacking Sketches pt. 2

These are a couple more gouache sketches from our adventure in the Cascades and on the Olympic Peninsula. Such an abundance of water up there means that words like “creek” and “river” mean something totally different than they do in Southern California. What we call “river,” they would call a creek. What we would call a “creek” would be an unnamed random side-canyon spill up there. It’s interesting how people and landscapes adapt to and reflect the weather and climate they exist in.

Washington Backpacking Sketches– Pt. 1

We spent a couple of days on the PCT excited to see what it looks like as it bends its way through the Cascades. There is so much water up there, particularly on these long, warm summer days as the snowmelt is gushing through the creeks. We enjoyed the cool simple suspension bridges spanning their gaps and seeing the lush wildflower popping open trailside like fireworks and the deep green fern-filled forests.

Fresh paint…

9×12 oil on linen panel

Here are a couple of new ones recently off the easel. I painted a nice misty morning view from the cliffs above Hendry’s on the Douglas Preserve a couple days ago, watching the people on the beach play and walk around not unlike the ants that have been in our kitchen. : )

I also made another neighborhood painting with two small panels of a corner on Valerio Street and once again enjoyed chatting with the friendly neighbors and hearing a little bit of the story of place. It is interesting how this type of conversation is often about a tree… either one that’s there or one that used to be. Trees make a neighborhood, don’t they?

Valerie Street Diptych– 6×16″ oil on two panels

Pleasant places to paint…

Los Olives Summer Day– 8×10″ oil on linen panel

Here are a couple of pleasant painting locals from the past week. The top one was made after a walk around Lake Los Carneros and a delicious sandwich with my family in Los Olives. (We brought a couple more small works to show at the Los Olivos General Store if you find yourself up that way.)

The second was made at El Refugio State Beach at the moment when the sun burns through the marine layer and it’s time to jump in the ocean. I hope you are all enjoying your summer days!

El Refugio Beach Day– 9×12″ oil on linen panel

Open Studio Tomorrow

Mission Rose Garden– 9×12″ oil on panel

Tomorrow… Saturday, June 18 I will be hosting an Open Studio Art Sale event from 11-4. Come on over to hang out for a little bit and to check out my paintings in person at 1128 Via Regina. I hope to see you there!

Painting Point Lobos

China Cove–16×20″ oil on linen

It feels like painting a mermaid cove in Neverland here at Point Lobos. The cypress trees, sculpted rocks and sea caves, turquoise water, circuitous shoreline and sandy beaches with lounging seal pups… if people haven’t been there they’d think you were making it up. So much fun to paint!

Blue Fish Cove– 12×16″