Silliman Pass

10×20″ acrylic– This is the first pass you come to heading east from Sequoia.  The meadows, creeks and rivers down the back side are well worth the trek.  To the west, smog and haze from the many wildfires in California right now have settled in the central valley…  the visibility is only a mile or two.  On the flip side, it makes for some incredible sunsets.

Kaweah River Colors

10×20″ acrylic–  I was drawn to paint here by the colors of the underwater rocks in sunlight.  The melting snow on the mountain crests is leaving the creeks and rivers downstream gushing this year.  It is still early spring as far as the wildflowers and mosquitoes are concerned.

The Art Studio

Plein air painters are lucky to call everything outside of the walls their studio… I’m way behind on my posts, so I’ll try to catch up in the next couple weeks with recent paintings. In the meantime, here are a couple of spots I’ve been lucky enough to call my studio recently on a backpacking trip.   My studio may have occasional mosquito attacks, strong winds blowing my easel over and hot sun drying my paint before it can reach the canvas, but I’m never wishing I was somewhere else while working on a painting.

Speaking of studios, I’m excited to be part of the Santa Barbara Studio Artists tour Labor Day weekend…  No, you won’t have to hike up Silliman Pass to see all my paintings.

Painting in Redwood Country

These paintings are around 10×20″ acrylic sketches I made on a road trip on the Northern California Coast.  I love redwood forests… the way the light filters through the leaves and illuminates fluorescent moss, yellow banana slugs, fractal ferns and the soft red earth.   It is so awesome how these old giants gather rain and make an environment where plants are growing on plants who are growing on other plants…  long after they die their sweetly rotting wood is still pushing up gardens of huckleberries, ferns, mushrooms and mosses.