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San Marcos Sheep

8×10″ oil on linen panel (available)

This was definitely not a BAAAAA-d spot to spend a morning painting. I’m going to go out on a lamb and say this is my favorite season. Ewe agree, right? There are 400 sheep and lambs and a couple of goats in disguise out on the San Marcos preserve getting a head start on fire prevention season. I feels so pastoral walking up there. It’s amazing how quickly they eat. Good job, sheep.

Hold still please!
Pretty cute…

Salty Breeze

Seaside Eucalyptus Grove– 12×16″ oil on linen panel (available)

Can you still smell the aromas of eucalyptus leaves filtering salty breezes and hazy sunlight on the Ellwood Mesa, or have you been here so long the scents have become like background music? Growing up in the mountains the smell of pines faded with familiarity, but is there again when I return home. After a couple weeks backpacking in the Sierras, the eucalyptus and sea smells greet me again when I come to the coast.

Spring Flow–San Ysidro

Spring Flow–San Ysidro– Oil on Linen– 16×20″ (Available)

I love views where I can see the water in the creek twisting and turning on the path back home to mother ocean. The sun was getting low this afternoon causing that play of light and shadow that I enjoy so much when I’m painting. The canvas almost blew away on this one as the winds whipped up the canyon, but my reflexes dropped my brush to grab the easel.

In progress…

I had scoped out the site the day before hiking with my daughter. I’ve been forgetful lately and didn’t bring a panel, but she kindly tore a page out of her sketchbook for me to paint on…

Sandstone Spyglass

18×36″ oil on linen– (available)

Some of the distant rocks that make up the bones of our local mountains turn out to be striking monoliths when you encounter them close up, abstractly sculpted by wind and rain and roots and time. What is the hole? Is it a window, a keyhole, a peephole, an eye, a passage, a feature in a pirate’s map, an ancient observatory, a sundial, a blue circle, a sky pizza, a frame for a hawk, a lizard’s flytrap, a bird’s playground? This one had at least a dozen possible titles but I’m a sucker for alliteration.

Hiking and Painting after the Rain

Creek Swell–8×10″ oil on linen panel

It was fun to explore some local trails this weekend to see how the rains have changed the landscape. There are side creeks and waterfalls flowing where I haven’t seen them for many years. It is going to be a beautiful spring with the deep soak that we have gotten.

Mountain Bones– 6×8″ oil on panel

Clearing Skies–Ellwood

16×20″ oil on linen panel (available)

Can you believe how much rain we’ve already gotten this year. (And in a year they were predicting a mild La NiƱa no less!) I’m hoping you all stayed safe and dry through the storm. I’m so grateful that the reservoirs, springs and aquifers are filling up. It will be nice to turn on the tap in the coming year and enjoy a glass of these January rains!