Recent Paintings Blog

I keep a running blog of all my recent paintings.  The best way to see them all is to scroll down through this page.  All art is for sale and for information on purchasing paintings, please visit my contact page.


Sparkling Seas, Ellwood Coast

20×48″ oil on Canvas– I loved the patterns of sparkling lights that the sun was making on the glassy ocean the day I painted this commission of the Ellwood Coast.  The blue water was a nice foil for the reds and oranges in the winter iceplant hanging over the cliffs.

Illuminated Redwood Grove

20×48″ oil on canvas– This view of the redwood grove above the old Mission Dam at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a commission for a wonderful artist and naturalist and her soon-to-be husband who are getting married here later this month.  I can’t think of a better place to tie the knot and I wish them a happy life together.

Telling Time by Sundial

22×28″ oil on canvas–  Lauren and I like to play a game at the beach we call “Rock Jenga.” We take turns stacking a rock at a time until someone makes the tower fall.   Often aesthetics  get the better of us and we leave an attractive precariously balanced rock stack standing, declare ourselves both winners, and start a new one nearby.

I am excited to be teaching a plein air painting workshop through SCAPE in April this year.  There are still spaces available if anyone is interested in signing up.

A New Morning Everyday

20×48″ Oil on Canvas– Morning is my favorite time of day and spring is my favorite season.   I love the sense of newness both create and the feeling that your day is a blank canvas ready to explore.   I created this studio painting from a couple of plein air watercolor sketches I made from up in the foothills a couple weeks ago.