The Lagoon Trail


15×30″ Acrylic–  Any UCSB students will know this spot… how lucky we were to get to walk out on this trail between classes.  There used to be a red fox who lived on this hill that Lauren and I would see on early morning runs here.  The sun was over a sea of stratus clouds when I started and within an hour the fog bank blew in, erasing the scene.


Morning at Moon Lake


20×48″ Acrylic on Canvas–  This is a studio painting from one of my plein air studies I created this summer.  I had fun playing with color variations and paint textures.  It is fascinating how much different the experience of a painting is when you increase the scale– it feels more like you can walk into it.

Ellwood Fennel Bloom


18×36″ Acrylic– I made this one a couple weeks ago, enjoying the breeze from the wind swell and munching on a few fennel seeds.  We’re so fortunate to have protected this area from development… I hope that More Mesa will be preserved as well some day– not to mention the coastline north of us.