The Bee, the Sage and the Dragon’s Back

Oil on linen– 18×36″

Once upon a time… a couple weeks ago, actually, I hiked up the ridge line that connects Arlington Peak, Cathedral Peak and La Cumbre Peak. Some call this sandstone formation the Dragon’s Back. Just use your imagination when looking at these mountains from town and you’ll catch of glimpse of him breathing fire and challenging knights. (I’ll include a past painting below of Arlington Peak from town.) The bee in the sage garden on the top of the peak encouraged me to include her in the painting and suggested this title. The title, I think, would fit just as well on an old-fashioned fable that begins “Once upon a time…”

Arlington Peak (Dragon’s Back) from below

Arlington Peak– Late Afternoon

9×12″ oil on linen panel– Arlington Peak always offers artists a mountain anatomy lesson… It’s fascinating the way the sandstone bones reach up and offer structure while the sinuous muscles of earth overlap and fold, forming rippling hills and canyons. And on top of it all the color and texture of the living, sprouting, growing skin of the earth.