Refugio Waves

15×30″ oil on linen– When you paint waves from observation, you are literally taking details from dozens of unique waves, all breaking in their own particular patterns of glass and spray and blending them together into one wave, frozen in time, that pretty much sums up what you noticed from many. It is hard… I sometimes wish I could pause time, but when I do so with a camera, I’m never satisfied. There is more motion in the amalgamation.

Arc of Palms– Refugio Point

12×24″ oil on panel

This palms in this iconic line arcing elegantly around to Refugio Point have been falling one by one the past few years as more extreme tidal events eat at the soil holding their roots. I’m grateful for the young people who are marching and standing up worldwide to try to wake our policy makers and business leaders up to the truth that we live in relationship with the natural world and that we need to honor and tend to the delicately balanced ecosystems that we are an inseparable part of.