Sign Post–Santa Cruz Island

16×20″  oil on canvas– I had a Georgia O’Keefe moment painting this cow and Channel Island Fox skull I found on a fence post on a damp and misty morning on Santa Cruz Island last spring.  I love this area– just a short boat ride from the mainland and it feels like you are transported back in time a hundred years.  I’m getting a couple of Channel Islands paintings together for an Oak Group benefit show for the Nature Conservancy next month.

Fraser Cove– Sunset over Santa Rosa Island

15×30″ oil on canvas panel– This is the far western end of Santa Cruz Island.  The several food deep middens of abalone shell and other sea life show evidence of the thousands of years the Chumash called this home.  It’s crazy to look at the stretch of sea out there and learn that following the last ice age Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Island were connected as one big island called Santa Rosae.  Mammoths swam out to Santa Rosae and like the foxes that live there now, shrunk in size and evolved into Pygmy Mammoths.  Time, time, time– it is a beautiful ever-changing world out there…

From Santa Cruz Island

 Evaporating Clouds– Forney’s Point — 18×24″ oil on canvas

I was incredibly fortunate to be invited as a member of the Oak Group to paint the Nature Conservancy Preserve on Santa Cruz Island.   The scenery is breathtaking out there and makes me feel like I’ve time-traveled and gone back to a simpler coastal  California before trains, freeways and development.  It is so peaceful to experience and I find it comforting knowing this organization is protecting pieces of wilderness like this from development.  Fifty percent of the proceeds from my Santa Cruz Islands paintings goes to the Nature Conservancy and their efforts.  Light Beneath the Clouds– Blue Banks Anchorage– 18×24″ oil on canvas