The Lagoon at Dusk

 15×30″ oil on linen– This is from the island trail on the lagoon at UCSB looking southwest towards Santa Cruz Island.  Were you one of the lucky students like me who spent your time wandering these trails or exploring the beach between classes?  No wonder those years fly by so quickly…  

Sand Dune Garden


20×20″ oil on canvas– The light was lovely in this small small cove just north of Campus Point.  It is a motley collection of salty, succulent, ocean-loving plants that grow here happily in the sand… they’re the beach combers of the plant world, sunbathing near the surf, satisfied with little nourishment besides a good view.

The Lagoon Trail


15×30″ Acrylic–  Any UCSB students will know this spot… how lucky we were to get to walk out on this trail between classes.  There used to be a red fox who lived on this hill that Lauren and I would see on early morning runs here.  The sun was over a sea of stratus clouds when I started and within an hour the fog bank blew in, erasing the scene.